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Bloom for Education - VT Seva Boston

Growing your own food may be one of the most powerful steps you can take for the health of yourself, your family and your planet.

You love gardening and would like to use the skills to help visually challenged? We got some great news for you.

Youth volunteers from Boston are welcome to join "Seedlings for Education" team to learn, practice basics or gardening and in turn help Visually Challenged. You get to grow seedlings in backyards. We will provide seeds, and teach the basics of gardening, composting etc. When the seedlings are ready, you can use them for raising funds for Schools for Visually challenged.

VT Seva Boston will sponsor educational needs of visually challenged with special needs 3D human body anatomy and telescopes for tribal schools to gaze at stars and reach to the highest horizons in their educational pursuit.

Questions? Contact -

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