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COVID-19 Relief: VT Seva Seattle helping with Emergency Shelter and Healthcare aid

VT Seva Seattle has identified the need of Covid-19 relief funds for the organization - The Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) DESC provides integrated services including housing, emergency shelter, crisis intervention and healthcare to thousands of homeless vulnerable people, particularly those living with serious mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and/or chronic health conditions. Late last week, they were notified that a DESC client had a confirmed positive COVID-19 test in one of the shelters. Since then, they have learned of four more clients who had confirmed positive tests. They are ensuring infected individuals can isolate and get appropriate care and also closely monitoring staff and clients who had close contact with the individuals with positive tests.

To avoid having a large amount of COVID-19 infection at DESC, they are relocating 200 shelter guests from their largest congregate settings into a hotel in Renton. Providing individual rooms will help people more effectively distance from others and reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. VT Seva Seattle team is supporting this need by donating $ 5,000 from our Covid-19 relief aid. Nicole Palczewski , Annual Fund Manager, DESC was very appreciative of the contribution and shared how they are helping the clients during this time. "VT Seva's amazingly generous donation will go towards our continued efforts to follow Public Health directives and keep our highly medically vulnerable clients safe. With the opening of our Exhibition Hall shelter, expanded COVID testing and quarantining protocols for staff and clients, and new food delivery service for clients running every day of the week. We greatly appreciate any and all donations that help us provide housing and healthcare for the most vulnerable adults in Seattle's homeless population."

Doubling the impact : VT Seva Seattle is collaborating with local restaurants to provide pre-packaged food for all the health care workers at Swedish Medical Center. Helping the local businesses and also the front line workers fight COVID.

Go Online With VT SEVA - Here is something for families with young children - During this pandemic, VT Seva Seattle chapter is offering free online classes. We hope to aid families whose kids need to keep entertained and happy during these stressful times. To promote safe isolation we plan to host virtual reading sessions on Zoom twice a week.

We continue to raise funds to support food for the homeless for Issaquah Food Bank during this Pandemic. We thank you for your continued support in helping get more help to the needy.

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