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COVID-19 Response: VT Seva Katy Team Serves Community

As the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading, our VT SEVA CEO Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji provided guidance to reach out and help the communities across USA. In response, VT Seva launched a nation wide campaign urging our volunteers and supporters to come forward to support. VT Seva Katy team supported Houston Food Bank by providing 1500 meals, donated funds to Hospitals in highly impacted areas to procure N-95 masks for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. Houston Food Bank distributes fresh produce, non-perishables and prepares nutritious hot meals for kids at their onsite Kitchen.

VT Seva USA raised funds and supporting local communities across USA by providing more than 100,000 meals through local food banks, 17,000+ N-95 masks to hospitals in highly impacted cities to protect doctors, nurses and other Healthcare staff. Read more

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