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DAYA: Compassion unfolded

Our annual fundraiser event for Schools for Visually Challenged by Nashville VT-Seva was conducted on November 16th 2019. The event was attended by individuals who were genuinely interested in learning about the cause and to support the education of visually challenged students. We were able to share various accomplishments of the talented students at the Schools / Colleges for Visually Challenged and reiterated the constant need for the support of our donors.

We recently lost a very young student who attends the Tennessee school for the blind, to brain cancer. She served as a guest speaker at DAYA: last year. In her honor, we have thus created a VT SEVA-Audrey Williams fund that was donated to the Friends of TN school for the blind.

Following dinner and entertainment, the youth summarized their activities and in particular stressed their emerging role in leading efforts in the local community to make changes in support of the environment.

With the support of our generous donors, we have raised over $50k this year for Nethravidyalaya students. Our sincere appreciation to all our volunteers and participants of “DAYA:”

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