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Earth Day Science Fair 2021 VT SEVA HOUSTON

3rd Annual

Earth Day Science Fair 2021

VT SEVA successfully conducted the 3rd annual Earth Day Science Fair virtually!

Wow! What was an unforgettable day was May 22nd, 2021, we got to witness the new talent and new ideas from the youth, on various topics like, Natural resources, Solar energy, BioPlastics, Wind Energy, and more to save our only planet, mother earth.

Over 60 youngsters participated in various talent exhibitions comprising poster, costume, trifold, PowerPoint, and impromptu speaking contests. We had excellent support from our judges who put in their time and effort for scoring the contestants at a short notice.

Here is a snippet of our participants during the online showcase. Participants from various grades and schools joined the event.


Mira Miryala

5th Grader

Save Energy

Kishan Gottamukala

4th Grader


Kovida Kotha

3rd Grader


Dr. Milind Kulkarni is an engineer at the Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation and has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Mrs. Shilpa Byrichetty currently works for Nasa and is working on a future spacesuit support system project.

Mrs. Radha Chilkur is currently a part-time teacher in Katy Independent School District and has MS in computer science.

Mr. Vijay Nitturi was the salutatorian of his high school graduating class and will be attending Baylor College of Medicine next year.


Mr. Pranav Konduri. He is a rising sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in political science and economics.

The winners of each grade level were announced at the conclusion of the event and we had 22 winners for the science fair with an additional 4 winners in the impromptu speaking contest. Scholarship awards were also announced at the end of the event. We had a total of 6 scholarship winners with 5 of them for the science fair and one award in the impromptu speaking contest.

  • Gyan Das won the scholarship award for the PreK- 2nd-grade Category.

  • Siddarth Vikram won the scholarship award for the PreK-2nd grade Category.

  • Srinath Madasu won the scholarship award for the 3rd – 5th-grade Category

  • Srilata Madasu won the scholarship award for the 6th – 8th-grade Category.

  • Mehaa Raja won the scholarship award for the high schoolers.

  • Veeraj Sirivolu won the scholarship award for the impromptu Speech Contest


Our volunteer team did an excellent job planning and making the event as fun as possible during this difficult pandemic. We take this opportunity to thank members of our team are: Shreyas Bharath, Abhiram Kandala, Aditya Manthena, Akshaya Manthena Shwetha Sirivolu, Aparna Tamarisa, Manjula Chokkarapu


Awards distribution was done on Aug 21st 2021, please find some pictures below

we are excited to come back next year - stay tunned for Earth day science fair 2022

- Shreyas Bharath

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