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VTSeva Bay Area - Game Night

Welcome to VT Seva’s Game Night!

The main event will be a Fortnite tournament that people can compete in to win gift cards! Anyone of any age can also join our zoom meeting to have fun by playing different games with others, such as the popular game Among Us, and others such as Jackbox Party, and! Any other games that you think we should add? When you register, you can suggest any other free games that can be accessible to anyone and we’ll consider adding it. 100% of the funds earned from this event will go straight towards visually-challenged children. Please join this event to not only have fun playing games, but also make a difference and help children in need! 

Game Night - Nov. 27, 2020

Event Start Time: 4 PM 

Event End Time: 8 PM 

Main Event: Video Game competition

  • Fortnite tournament 

    • More details will be given during the event 

  • Gift Card Prizes for the Top 3 

Casual Zoom Game Night Event: 

  • Among Us 

  • Gimkit

  • Jackbox Party


  • Spyfall

  • Mafia 

Leave any suggestions for other video games on the registration form!

For any questions, please contact us at

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