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Gopalachari - T20 Champion

Meet Gopalachari, member of Andhra Pradesh Cricket Team, Champions of IndusInd Nagesh T20 National Cricket Tournament for the Blind held on January 22, 2020 at Chinnasamy Stadium at Bengaluru. VT Seva is proud of his accomplishments and

wishing him all the very best with his future endeavors.

"I am K. Gopalachari. I have completed graduation in B. COM ( Computers ) in Nethra Vidyalaya Degree College (Schools for Visually challenged) supported by VT Seva."

I lost my eye sight in the early years of childhood in an accident while playing with my sisters. My father is a daily laborer and my mother is a home maker and we belong to under developed area in Rayalaseema.

After losing my vision I continued studying in regular school. It was very difficult for me to follow the lessons and understand due to my eye condition. With the help of my friends and teachers, I have completed my 10th class with difficulty.

After passing my 10th grade, my vision gradually started fading, I lost my hope for further studies. But suddenly I got hope and optimism after knowing about the Junior College for Visually Challenged (Nethra Vidyalaya) from one of my relatives. I have joined the college in 2012 for studying Intermediate level education. There I have learned many things like Spoken English, Operating the computers, chanting slokas, playing games. I still remember the special classes conducted by VT Seva CEO and Netra Vidyalaya Visionary Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, through which I learned many morals and ethics. Subsequently I have improved my playing skills specially in Cricket. Teachers at the college encouraged me to learn various things.

At the college for Visually challenged, I have appeared for exams by using laptop, which gave me the utmost satisfaction and self confidence - previously I used to write my exams with the help of scribe. Writing exams on laptops is one of the unique thing in Nethra Vidyalayam and first of its kind in India. This makes me independent and confident. In Netra Vidyalayam we have been provided with free laptop, free education and free accommodation. In 2014 I have completed Intermediate in CEC and I secured more than 85%. Then I have continued my graduation in Netra Vidyalaya Degree college. During my graduation days my focus was mainly playing cricket for my country.

This wish paved me to focus more on cricket, at this critical juncture, Swamiji and my teachers gave ultimate encouragement and propelled me for playing at various levels including local, state and zonal competitions. With the blessings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, I performed well at various tournaments. Then I have been selected for the National Blind Team from the state of Andhra Pradesh as all rounder for my best performance. Indian Blind Cricket team captain Mr. Ajay Kumar and other prominent players in the team encouraged me to play for the National team.

In this way Nethra Vidyalaya has given me good career in cricket. Nethra Vidyalaya is helping by sponsoring and providing financial assistance to pursue my profession as a cricketer.

I have completed my graduation in the year 2017 and I secured 86%. After graduation I have joined as a Computer operator in Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Vijayawada to support my family financially. Now I got another opportunity to play for Ranji matches at domestic level. I am playing Ranji matches with the help of Baby madam and Madhuri Madam. I am grateful and thankful to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for the support and cooperation in the form of education provided through School for Visually Challenged. Now I have a goal to play first class and International cricket for the blind on behalf of my mother land (India).

Till today and days to come, I am indebted to Sri Swamiji as He gave my life a meaning with of his generosity and everlasting blessings, and pushing me forward in my life. I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and Management of Netra Vidyalayam for making my life worth living and giving new hope in my life. My deepest gratitude to my hope and guiding light - Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

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