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Know about Ramya

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Ramya is a B.Com (Computers) 1st year, Netra Degree College (Year 2017). She was born with complete visual impairment and would like to become an english teacher. Learn about her...

I aspire to become English lecturer

I was born with complete visual impairment and my childhood was devoid of the usual joys of playing with other children in group games. My childhood was interspersed with worries of my parents for my future and prospects of higher education. Having not found any facilities in a local school, I moved to Karimnagar and pursued my education till 10th grade in a school there. Sports like chess and indoor games became my past time hobbies along with story writing. Beginning my journey with Netra Vidyalaya was one of the best things that could have happened to me. Along with academic education, we are imparted moral values for wholesome growth as

good citizens. This college caters service to any visually challenged student and does not have any boundaries for a particular religion, region, language or gender.

I can proudly say that I will reach my GOAL.

After obtaining Bachelor’s degree from here, I wish to pursue higher studies and attain a Master’s degree with English as major. I aspire to be a lecturer in future. Our principal Yadagiri Swami’s teaching methodology has a profound impact on my career choice. I passed Intermediate with good grades because of excellent guidance and motivation from our lecturers. I can proudly say that I will reach my goal. I am grateful for getting this wonderful opportunity and I am very fortunate to be studying at this illustrious institution.

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