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My Volunteering Journey with VT Seva

Hello dear friends, my name is Akshaya. and an 8th grader. Some of my hobbies are gardening, reading and drawing. From a young age I was also eager to help others. But I did not know how to do this in a way that would have a greater impact on people, till I joined VT Seva to help less privileged kids.

As many of you know, VT Seva is an organization that raises funds and donates to Netra Vidyalaya School for the blind, the homeless, and the less fortunate kids. Many people want to help with this mission but don’t know how to and/or do not have the time to volunteer. I joined VT Seva to see if I could change that in me. Because I liked helping others, I enjoyed this opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

I chose to sponsor a child's education because it would give them a possibility to create a new path in their life. In the spring, our VT Seva group decided to grow vegetable plants and sell them to get donations from people. I really enjoyed doing that project because of my love for nature, and being surrounded by plants and animals. This inspired me to grow Tulasi plants and give them to donors who were willing to contribute to this cause. Since Tulasi Matha is a form of Lakshmi Devi, I wanted to bring prosperity into a child's life and to all who supported my goal to help educate a child.

I want to continue volunteering with VT Seva because it is an organization that works for a meaningful cause. The experiences I have gained through this project taught me a handful of unique skills, such as making fliers, communicating with people, and tracking donation information. I would like to thank Swamiji, my parents, the aunties and uncles who donated, and the VT Seva board for helping me in this journey. I was also able to execute this project with the blessings of God. This opportunity means a lot to me, and I hope that I will get to do more work like this.

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