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VT Seva Detroit Present 1st Online Quiz Contest.

Rules & Guidelines for the VT Seva Online General Trivia Quiz Contest

1. The VT Seva Online Quiz will be conducted by online video/audio conference. Hence the tools (such as Computer, Cellphone, Internet connection, Data Plan) required for the quiz will have to be arranged by the participant/parents.

2. Only the participant who has registered and paid for the quiz contest will be allowed to participate in it.

3. All participants will have to be logged into via mobile phone using browser (no app download required) and click on JOIN GAME for online buzzer. The buzz code will be provided right before the quiz starts. Also, the participants have to be logged into the online conference through video call though computer (video call is preferred in order to view the questions and buzzing sequence) or a voice call as an alternative. The conference video dial-in & audio coordinates will be shared before the event.

4. There will be two rounds for each age group and at the end of each round we will tally the score.

5. First Round: The participant buzzing first will be allowed to answer the question first. If the answer is correct, points will be awarded. If the answer is wrong, the participant who pressed the buzzer second gets the change to answer the question. If the answer is wrong, then the turn ends after the Quiz master reveals the correct answer. First round will have no negative scoring.

6. Second Round: The buzzing and turn rules are similar to the first round except there will be negative scoring for wrong answers and will be deducted from the 1st round overall score.

7. The first and second place winners will be announced at the end of the two rounds. In case of a tie, there will be tie-breaker questions to decide the winner.

8. Quiz master has the final authority to resolve any issues in buzzing, scoring, participation, and overall progress of the quiz.

All proceeds from this event goes to visually challenged and under privileged children from Netra Vidhyalaya. This event is for the participants to have fun and gain some knowledge during the process.

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