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Public Speaking Workshop - VT Seva Detroit

You want to inspire someone? You want to transform lives? "Public Speaking is the art of giving power to words - to influence, inspire and transform lives".

Are you afraid of speaking in front of people? Do you want to enhance your public speaking skills?

There is an wonderful opportunity to learn and acquire those skills. VT Seva Detroit conducts online Public Speaking Workshop on August 9. While you are acquiring those skillls, you are helping a student's education in India. Yes, all of the proceeds goes to underprivilleged kids education in India.

Online Public Speaking Workshop will be conducted by esteemed and experienced 2 ToastMasters Surya Machetti & Gaurav Talwar

Guidance on Remote Schooling will be presented by professor Lorrie Williams from Kansas University

Surya Machetti is working as IT Project Manager at Ford in Michigan. He has been member of Toastmasters club for more than 18 years and he is the president of Farmington Toasmasters club since last year.

Gaurav Talwar is working as Senior Systems Engineer for Speech Recognition and Virtual Assistants at GM. Gaurav has PhD in Electrical Engineering and MBA in Strategic Management.Gaurav has written several defensive publications, conference papers and been awarded with 54 patents so far. He has been active in teaching public speaking classes at SaiBaba temple in Livonia, MI. Gaurav presented at several platforms and compeered at several events at work and academics.

Lorrie Williams is an English Professor at Kansas University has over 20 years of extensive teaching experience both in the U.S. and overseas, with groups of children and adult students from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Lorrie's goal is to use her experience to contribute to the advancement of students’ fluency in English and help them transition from the learners of today to contributors to the society of tomorrow. Lorrie will be providing "Guidance on Remote Schooling" which is needed skill for this current pandemic situation.

In this workshop, you will learn public speaking skills and can present your speeches to get feedback from the Toastmasters. You will learn what to expect and guidance on Remote Schooling

Please prepare your speech for 90 - 120 seconds the max.

What a great way to support others while become competent in the essential life skill Public Speaking.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best!!!!

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