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Participate in: Ra:ga - 2021 - a dance and music performance festival !

VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is organizing Ra:ga, our annual dance and musical performance festival in Bay Area. We would like to personally invite students of your prestigious school to participate in the event.

Due to current Covid restrictions, this will be an online performance event, spread over 4 weekends in September. In 2019, we had 15 schools participate with more than 40 participants !

Why participate ?

In 2020- art competition, we had ~19,500 viewers from 23 countries ! ( link to winners is HERE). No other platform provides this wide range of audience from so many countries.

In 2019, we had 15 schools participate with more than 40 performers. Scroll down below to view the pictures !

Let's make 2021 a grand success ! Show case your talent as never before to a large audience !

We are connecting with more than 100 schools in and around Bay Area (all the way to Sacramento, Roseville) ! Avail this opportunity to showcase your talent worldwide.

Date: September 4, Sept 18, Sept 19, Sept 25 & Sept 26
Timings: 11 am - 3 pm

Show your individual talents !

Group performances !

Music, Dance, Vocal - it's a dance and music performance showcase ! Don't miss-out

Registration, rules and other details:


  1. Participation is from a dance and music school only (no solo performance from independent candidates, not associated with a school)

  2. Please register for the event and each school gets a 30 min time slot for your performances. Ra:ga team will contact you on your allocated time.

  3. Once you register, school can decide who can participate and how long the performance will be.

  4. Record the performance with your phone in a landscape mode. Ensure participant is in the center of the frame. For group performances, ensure the entire group fits into the frame.

  5. Combine all performances in a single file for a total of maximum 1/2 hour. If you have challenges with combining the performances, please send the files and we can combine it for you.

  6. Upload the file to a google drive and send us the link. WE will download the file

  7. You can have as many performances as you want in the total 1/2 hour slot you have selected.

  8. Ra:ga team will work with you on the receipt of the video files after registration

Our feed a student program:

Each year VT Seva supports both tribal and visually challenged students for free education and free food. Your support via programs like these help us maintain their support and future. We highly encourage you to see the videos below from our schools and colleges in support of this program. Each dollar you donate goes directly to the cause. VT Seva is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.

VT Seva in a non-profit organization with primary focus to teach self-reliance to underprivileged and visually impaired students from low socio-economic backgrounds by providing them with boarding, education and empowerment. Our organization is active in promoting cancer awareness and immediate responders for any natural disaster that occurs around the world.

Apart from our national activities, our Bay Area Chapter conducts local activities to promote the spirit of volunteerism in our youth for their participation and leadership skills.

Please contact us for any questions at

ThanksRa:ga Team

Below is our 2019 live dance and music content !

Below is our 2019 live dance and music content !

March 30, 2019VT Seva Bayarea conducted first Annual Dance and Music contest in Fremont. Event was a grand success with 15 schools and 40 participants around Bay Area to support our cause.

March 30, 2019 at Fremont Adult Center
15 Schools, 40 participants !

We had great representation from esteemed judges with nearly 3 decades of experience in BayArea and India. Participants, parents and Judges were spellbound with the event arrangements. We were able to connect to our cause individually with most of the parents/Judges. They appreciated how important the cause is and how critical it is for all of us to be part of such noble cause.

All the judges were really excited to make this an annual event and assured us that they would bring many schools around BayArea to make this even more successful in the coming years.

Thank you ! Professional photographs courtesy of

Amar Hariharan

Tel: 916-941-5592

Professional photos are here: All photos

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