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Stitch & Fix – Meet Ananya, Our Youth Volunteer

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

Oscar Wilde

VT Seva team is proud to present one of our amazing youth volunteers - Ananya Suthram. This Middle Schooler proves, it is the intention to help others that matters, and you can easily find a way. Lets hear how she made a difference in her own words:

This journey started with my interest in stitching, and the desire to help those in need, especially in these challenging times of Covid-19.

I started sewing masks and taking orders for minor fixes and altering pant lengths, with the intention of raising funds. For every article of clothing I mend, I asked for a suggested donation of $5 or more. At the end of summer, I raised a total of $365, which was donated to support education of one student from Schools for Visually Challenged / Schools for Tribals supported by VT Seva for a year.

Thanks to my mother, who was the inspiration behind this project, and the rest of my family who supported me through my journey. I would also like to thank all the people who donated and encouraged my efforts, for I couldn’t have reached my goal without them. I was delighted to know that my endeavors also inspired another person to stitch as well. Together we stitched masks and donated them.

- Ananya Suthram – VT SEVA Seattle

Wishing many more years of joyful service Ananya!

Hello! My name is Ananya Suthram and I am at my last year in middle school at Issaquah, WA. My hobbies include sewing, coding, dancing, and skating.

I have been serving with VT SEVA Seattle branch for seven years, through UTSAV, and many other volunteering activities. I originally joined VT SEVA because I found it amazing to see other people my age working hard to give back to the society, they live in. I am proud to say that I am a part of this great organization.

VT Seva empowers youth to own and lead Volunteering events from a very young age.

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