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Chitra - Spoken english teacher

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Meet Ms. Chitra Venkatesam, a spoken english teacher, at Netra College, Hyderabad

Ms. Chitra Venkatesam, Spoken English teacher, Netra College, Hyderabad

Her Story in her own words:

Netra Vidyalaya has been a hall mark in

working towards educating visually impaired and underprivileged children. A child’s

background, whether it be religion, caste, gender or color, is not a factors for admission. Yet, the infrastructure is at par and even better than many of the elite educational institutions in our society. All necessary accommodations are arranged to make the educational experience a superior one. The administration ensures every aspect of the child’s duration here is planned in detail so the students have a successful academic year.

Yet, the infrastructure is at par and even better than many of the elite educational institutions in our society.

The teachers are sensitive towards the special needs of every student and design their courses


• The food is prepared with the upmost detail, centered around a healthy diet

• Year round livein

hostels are provided for all students

• Administration and sta. alike act in an affectionate and compassionate


Though these students live here away from their family, the college has become a second home

where everyone is ready to lend a helping hand to the needy, be it academically or emotionally. All

of this is possible because of VT Seva CEO, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s vision. Because of which, these students’ once ‘handicap’ has turned into their guiding strength via top notch instruction combined with cuttingedge technological support. Children here not only tread the path of education, but emerge as a smashing success. The encouragement we get is an inspiration for everyone here that motivates all of us to perform at our best.

I have been extremely fortunate to be part of this great institute.

Receiving a chance to start serving here so early in life keeps me eternally humble, and I will forever remain grateful for this opportunity bestowed upon me. I pray to the almighty that our institute keeps performing this great service under the guidance of our founder. More than anything, I am grateful to the students here. They are like the stars in the vast canvas of sky, which energize and make up the pulse of Netra Vidyalaya. With zeal and enthusiasm, their curious minds hold on to the lessons we teachers are so privileged to impart, e.ectively turning a classroom lecture into true knowledge.

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