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Teenage Nutrition Workshop


by Sriteja Kataru, with the help and

Material from Lifestyle Physicians and Nutritionists and Stanford professors.


This workshop will be held on every Sunday of October (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th), from 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM.


The fee will be 160 dollars for all four sessions.

In these sessions, we will address many questions related to nutrition like the following.

Session 1: FOOD / NUTRITION - 10/24/21

  1. What is the secret 4th important food nutrient besides protein, carbs, and fat?

  2. How do foods you eat now affect your health twenty years from now?

  3. What is gut bacteria and why is it essential for good overall health?

Session 2: SLEEP - 10/31/21

  1. What exactly does your body do when you sleep?

  2. How does your body react when you pull all-nighters?

  3. What are the top sleep issues teenagers face and what to do about them?

Session 3: STRESS - 11/7/21

  1. What exactly are short-term stress and chronic stress?

  2. How stress affects your immunity and long-term health?

  3. How can you reduce your daily stress levels?

Session 4: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - 11/14/21

  1. What is metabolism and what factors control it?

  2. What is muscle hypertrophy and why do you care about that?

  3. What foods prevent you from building muscle and how?

If you have any questions, please contact the following:

Phone Number - 408-444-4567

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