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VT Seva Bay Area - Math and Python Courses!

VT Seva Bay Area will be conducting a 4 week math and python course from July to August! These classes will contain 8 sessions each that are 1.5 hours. The classes will be taught by our youth volunteers for upcoming 4th to 7th graders.

The math course will develop your child’s math skills for the upcoming school year! This course will create a challenging but helpful environment teaching them the introduction to math for their grade. The python course is meant to foster a passion in coding and python in general. The course will teach the introduction to python such as data types, lists, statements, and much more!

All proceeds from this course will go towards feeding visually challenged students in India. For one visually challenged student to be provided meals everyday it costs 120 dollars. Our goal is to help provide meals for 50 students! Signing up your kids to our courses will not only help them excel in school but benefit the underprivileged children in India.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or concerns!!

Sahasra Vellanki: 4084105495

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