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Tribal Schools Achieve100% success in 10th Grade

VT Seva Supported Schools for the Tribals in Allampally, Beersaipet and School for Fishermen children in Katarivaripalem scored 100% success in 10th Grade (SSC) 2019 Board examinations.

Teachers successfully completed teaching syllabus by end of December and from January, helped students revise all the subjects.

During preparation time, teachers stayed with the students after school hours to clarify their questions instantaneously.

The administrative staff planned examination preparation very efficiently, and supported students and teachers in all aspects.

The hard work paid off with astounding results with high GPA and appreciated by local media that the efforts of schools which provide free education to underprivileged in remote areas are performing on par with corporate schools.

These schools have been showing constant progress with a successful 100% pass rate the past three years.

In addition to academics, the children are constantly groomed in building great character and values to step out of school and be responsible human beings of the society.

Our success stories in local media :

Allampally School Results

Beersaipet School Student Results

Katarivaripalem School Students Results

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