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VT Seva New Jersey celebrates Vasantham 2019

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

On May 11th, VTSEVA NJ hosted a cultural extravaganza, celebrating arrival of spring. Aptly named after Spring, a season of joy and hope, Vasantham is an annual fund raising event of VT Seva NJ, to support Schools for Tribals and Visually challenged. Several performers, Prajna students, passionate youth volunteers, teachers, and inspiring board members worked together to make this event a very successful one. The event was extremely memorable with the presence of Chief Guest, Mr. Krishna Kanth Vennamaneni, President of VTSEVA USA.

The event was entirely led by youth volunteers who took active part in planning, execution, presentation and fund raising for the event.

Several prestigious Music and Dance schools enthusiastically participated to support the great cause of supporting Schools for Tribal and Visually challenged. A big thanks to Samatha Music School, Swaralaya School of Music, Prajna Music Schools, Laya Performing Arts, Vijayam School of Dance, Chaitanyam Dance School, Mystic Beats School of Dance, and Nrithya Madhavi Dance School.

Highlights of the evening included Saanvi Madabhushi and Rithika Lanka, 8 and 10 year old girls, raising over $310 by going to person to person. The amounts is matched by VT SEVA USA President to encourage their spirits and enthusiasm. Aneesha Kodati a 15 year old gave her first check of $ 251 by working at Kumon Education center, Anvith Ramadugu raised nearly $ 470 through a self-made video reaching out his friends. Vedna Puskur raised $1125 by reaching out to her friends and families. Hasini Yedlapalli raised $ 24 by chanting Visnu Sahasra nama Stotram to her Aunt and Uncle. Our youth volunteers sold snacks donated by local restaurants, raising over $600 and this team was led by Mrs. Aparna Rokandla. With support of several kind hearted donors, VT Seva NJ could raise funds to support education of 100 students at Schools for Tribals and Visually Challenged.

The following youth volunteers were conferred with US President's Volunteer Service Awards during Vasantham for their volunteering year round.


Sanjana Vellanki, Sophomore

Srineela Voddi - Sophomore

Tanvi Chapayala - Sophomore

AnvithRamadugu - Sophomore


Shrika Anugula - Sophomore

Vedna Puskur - Junior


Ayush Madabhushi - Freshman

This event could not have been successful without the support of dedicated and selfless volunteers - Mr. Murali Duggirala, Mr. Giri Vedantam, Mr. Raju Manthena , Mr. Bhavaraju, Mrs. Aparna Kondrella, Mrs. Raja Laxmi, Mrs. Madhavi Polkampally, Mrs. Laxmi Lanka, Mrs. Divya Reddy, Mrs. Vasanta Gadamsetty, Mrs. Sandhya Seelam, Mrs. Bhanu Mallela, Mrs. Rajani Gottiparthi, Mrs. Sailaja Chapyala, Mrs. Sarada Divakaruni and Mrs. Aparna Dingari , Donors and many more.

Mrs. Jamuna Puskur, VT Seva NJ thanked all the volunteers, supporters and youth for making the event possible with their kind support.

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