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VT Seva Boston Public Speaking & Video Contest

Public Speaking:

Category 1: Kindergarten- 2nd grade

Topic: If you were a superhero for one day, what would be your superpower? How would you use your superpower to help our community?

Category 2: 3rd grade- 5th grade

Topic: How is poverty different in various parts of the world? What can you do to reduce poverty in our community and the world?

Category 3: 6th grade- 8th grade

Topic: The “Statue of Equality - Samatha Murthy” was inaugurated in Hyderabad, India on Feb 5th 2022. Share your views on how Bhagavad Ramanuja’s philosophies align with equality.

Category 4: 9th grade- 12th grade

Topic: Why are some groups of people at a higher risk of mental health problems like depression? What are some steps we can take to solve this problem?

Public Speaking registration deadline: Friday, April 1 2022

Public Speaking live event: Saturday, April 16 2022

Registration individual fee (public speaking & video): $20

Video Contest:

Topic: Imagine you are a famous youtuber. Use your platform to advocate for a cause you believe in through a creative video.

Minimum time limit: 2 min.

Maximum time limit: 3 min.

Teams: 1-5 people

Video Contest Registration deadline: Friday, April 1 2022

Video contest submission deadline: Saturday, April 16 2022

Video contest team fee: $50

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