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VT Seva Dallas presents 12th Annual Tarangini - 2021


Tarangini's motto is

"One kind act can cause a ripple effect! Let's join in making one!!"

Instead of cursing the darkness, we believe in lighting a lamp. The path we chose to accomplish this goal is to engage youngsters from Dallas community in Tarangini preparations and presentation to volunteer their talent (singing, dance, music, emcee skills etc) and time to raise awareness. Most of our youth leaders have firsthand experience in volunteering in local activities such as Cancer Awareness, Adopt a Street, Serving food to Homeless and at outreach projects in India such as schools and colleges for visually challenged and schools for underprivileged tribals. Because of these encouraging gestures by youth for the past 12 years, many kind hearts and philanthropists responded positively by pledging their support. This act of giving enables us in dispelling the darkness through Education.

Our goal for this year is to support the education of at least 250 students from schools for tribals. Please donate by clicking HERE:

Optionally you can also donate through Zelle. How ?: Please login into your bank portal, then choose Zelle payments and send your donation of $365 to Please make sure to add a note stating the cause, "VT Seva Dallas Tarangini 2021".

Although the event is virtual, we have an excellent collection of performances to enthrall the audience. Stay tuned for the virtual meeting details. For any questions, please contact us at 214-733-0805 or 469-601-4888.

Alternate ways to join

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