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VT Seva Dallas - Winter Holiday Drive

The joy of giving is amongst the purest of feelings - one that cannot be portrayed in words but felt deeply by those who empathize. It is that joyful feeling of giving, that warmth that engulfs our hearts when we brighten someone’s life, or even just a day for someone, that is what truly motivates us VTSeva volunteers to give. It is that feeling of empathy and the drive to make a difference that binds us together.

It was the season of giving. And we were looking for ways where we could bring a smile to people’s faces and found a way to do so through Frisco Family Services, an organization that aims to help the underprivileged Frisco community. They were very excited that we were helping them out, and we were very excited that we had found an opportunity to do what we loved to do most: give. We knew that this holiday season was going to be a special one for both us, and the community that we were going to be helping out.

Our project involved getting a list of gifts and essentials from that community and each volunteer playing our role in buying a part of the list. I was looking forward to this project and was glad that this time, my family could do their holiday shopping for those who needed it most, for that one boy my age whose situation, unfortunately, puts him in circumstances less privileged than my own. This project reminded me of what I had, and what I needed to be thankful for, and prompted me to realize that we are all living life taking different things for granted. But once in a while, if we stopped and looked around, we would realize that our situation is far better than that of a lot of people. If we all did this, the world would be a far better place. With this project, we hoped to inspire this thought in the community. We put all the items we had bought in a shop-like space so that all the members of the underprivileged community would have the enjoyable experience of Holiday shopping. This project also served to remind the underprivileged community that no matter how hard times are, there are always good people willing to make things better for you. And no matter how hard times get, or what obstacles you face in life, we at VT Seva will always be there to help you out and to do what we love to do most: give

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