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Updated: Dec 29, 2023

VT SEVA Feed a School Program provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our loved ones.

What a great feeling it is !! To celebrate special days of our life’s and also our loved ones right form the New born to Retirement, with our VT Seva supported schools and colleges. Sharing our happiness, doubles our joy and for these Children, it also provides a happy meal with a dessert like sweet smile on their faces. Satisfying is int it ??

Where can we start the list of celebrations, Life itself is a celebrations and blessing. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Housewarming, Arengatrem ( Dance Program), Baby Showers, Cradle Ceremonies, Welcoming New born, Graduations, Special Days, In loving memory of , Retirement, New job, New business, New Car anything you would like to extend your celebration to these Children ( from VT SEVA Supported Schools and Colleges) . On the day of occasion, receiving a Personal message and the pictures of celebrations with these Children would make the celebration complete. It is more memorable, if we can pledge for our loved ones too.

Here are the sponsoring Details.

Netra Schools $120 : All 3 meals of the Day are served

Netra Colleges $180 : All 3 meals are served to Inter and Degree College

Schools for Tribals $200 : Lunch is served to all the students

All Sponsorship $500 : All the above

Please visit us at

For Any questions please reach us at

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