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​​VT Seva Speech and Debate Curriculum

Elementary School Public Speaking

Public Forum

  • What is Public Forum?

    • 2 teams debate against each other over a topic, called a “resolution”

    • These resolutions are usually policy related

  • What do we teach?

    • Teach Debate Terminology (either separately or whenever we are teaching)

    • Case: Cover CWI Method, Explain Speaking Etiquette, Argument Formation

  • What skills will you learn?

    • With Public Forum being a partner event, you'll surely learn communication, collaboration, and overall teamwork

    • Organization

    • Critical thinking

    • PF will help you better understand vocab, arguments, and crafting essays –through building cases, and rebuttals, and countering your opponent's argument– which will help you on the SAT and in college!!!

Lincoln Douglas

Extemporaneous Speaking

Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation

What is HI/DI?

  • This is a speech category in which the competitor will use a script from a book or movie and act it out! Pretty simple right? Well it's not so easy. Here's the catch, you have to be all the actors at the same time using different voice impressions, different body languages, and different attitudes to sell it off and for the story to make sense.

  • What do we teach?

  • We teach you how to control your tone, your pitch, how to improvise, to be more aggressive, to be LESS aggressive and everything else it takes to be a good actor and best of all how to be funny, or how to be dramatic.

  • What skill will you learn

  • These 2 events can greatly build public speaking skills and also confidence in situations under the spotlight

  • It is also a great way to express yourself

  • You can also gain tremendous skills in acting which can help you a long way and can get you into school plays and many more great opportunities!

For information on our VT Seva supported Schools for Tribals - Tribal schools | Vtsworld

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