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VT Seva St.Louis Public Speaking Contest

Virtual Public Speaking Contest To support Tribal Schools in India

Opportunity for registrants to attend a free Public Speaking Workshop is Conducted by Mr. Paresh Motiwala, Accomplished Public Speaker and Soft Skill Educator from Boston, MA on June21st 2020, 2 - 4pm CST for all the registered Candidates

Topics for 1st -4th grade :

  1. Why volunteering is important for students?

  2. Role of Festivals in Our Life?

Topics for 5th to 8th grade:

  1. What did you learn from the COVID-19 pandemic situation ?

  2. What are some Healthy habits to increase immunity?

Topics for 9th to 12th grade:

  1. How Social entrepreneurship can save our Planet Earth?

  2. What are ways to tackle hunger in our communities?

Participation Fee:

  1. $20 per person

  2. $30 for siblings (group of 2)

Participants and Donors are welcome to Donate more. All funds will go to Tribal schools in Allampally, Birsaipet, Telangana and Katarivari palem in Andhra Pradesh.

Date: Sunday, June 28th, 2020, 2-5 PM CST Location: Virtual

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Speeches must be original. However, consultation with teachers, counselors, or other resources is permitted

  2. Speeches must be delivered in an extemporaneous manner. They may not be read from a manuscript

  3. Judges are looking for originality regarding the topic chosen, sources used, and supporting details

  4. Speeches are stopped at the 4-minute mark

  5. Judges decision is Final.

  6. There will be only one round for this competition.

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