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VTS Cincinnati Summer College Readiness Seminar

VTS Cincinnati presents the most needed Seminar for any high schoolers! Please make sure to join on July 9, 2023 from 2:30-4:00 PM to learn about ACT, PSAT & SAT from a distinguished mentor.

Mr. Madhu Sanakari is known for his distinguished work in tutoring and guiding students for standardized testing. Madhu has always had an extensive passion for education and mentoring academics. His work began at the University of Cincinnati as a part-time Mathematics professor and soon progressed into building his own educational center calls APlus Advanced Learning center in the year 2009.

His contribution to PSAT/ACT/SAT prospects for the last 12 years has lead to National PSAT finalists and current IVY league students. This positive and motivational energy towards academia transitioned inti acquiring franchises of Sylvan Learning Centers of Greater Cincinnati, which has enhanced and advised hundreds of students accomplishing their best scores.

For any questions please reach out to

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