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VT SEVA-Seattle Cricket Coaching Camp

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

VT SEVA Seattle branch conducted a 6-week Cricket Coaching Camp, August - October 2020. 26 children ages 5-13 participated in the fun filled program from Seattle Area.

Trainees were invited to sign up to attend a virtual orientation, followed by a trial session open to participants and parents to get a feel for the program. Precautions were taken and the best hygienic practices were enforced through out the program. Participants were given a choice to choose between taped tennis ball, and a slightly harder tennis ball. The six-weeks were split into three 2-week sprints, where we focused on basics, techniques, and game scenarios, respectively. Closing ceremony was conducted with a scrimmage between all the kids. In the ceremony, VT Seva Youth and Seattle Board shared about VT Seva's activities, and invited the families to join to help serve more people in need. Because the need is huge and we need everyone to step forward. Participants were presented commemorative wristbands for the program followed by nice refreshments.

Cricket Coaching was an opportunity for the kids to get a safe, active outlet during the pandemic which was enjoyed by the participants and Youth Volunteers while knowing their effort is leading to support Schools for Tribals and Schools for Visually challenged in India raising $ 2500 towards the cause.

We thank Varnon Srinivasan, Neha Aitharaju, Pavan Kotti, Vivek Chilakala, Samvit Garg, Kavya Yeremelli, Arnav Thappesandra, Sumedha Kanumuri, Adam D’mello, Rishi Sharma, Shyam Ramesh and VT Seva Seattle Leadership Team for collaborating on planning and execution of the program.

- By Srihari Krishnaswamy,

Hi All, I’m Srihari Krishnaswamy, I’m the Sports Lead at VTS Seattle, and have been with the branch for the past 2 years now. I first joined near the end of 2018, and like many of the volunteers at VTS Seattle, I was captivated by the branch’s effectiveness in accomplishing goals and wanted to help them make a difference. I was first exposed to JET at a very young age, and had the opportunity to meet Swami Ji.

I have always loved the game of cricket, whether I was playing in leagues in the US, or watching India dominate from thousands of miles away. The sport has allowed me to make so many meaningful connections and learn how to be accountable and lead effectively. I started playing when I was about 9. Along the way, I learned meaningful drills, strategies, and techniques that I knew I could pass onto others. VT SEVA Cricket gave my peers and me an opportunity to do that, and we could not be more thankful. We knew that we had potential to provide an increase of outreach and donations for VTS and are glad that we were able to do that in our own type of way. Reflecting on the fact that we were able to further the game with younger kids, while also enabling the underprivileged in India learn in school was truly heartwarming.

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