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Who is benefiting with my volunteering?

My name is Charishma Bijum. I am a rising freshman who will be going to Alliance Academy for Innovation. I have been a part of VT Seva Atlanta since March 2019. Volunteering through VT Seva has taught me a variety of lessons and has helped me form friendships with people who I have never met.

In the last year, I have learned to become a better person, and volunteering has inspired me to be grateful for what I have. There are a variety of events that I enjoy such as packaging food at Open Hands of Atlanta, organizing an American Red Cross Blood Drive, and packing food for celebrating International Yoga Day. VT Seva has motivated me to volunteer in my community and help those in need. VT Seva has helped many in need and has provided many people with hope. Volunteering indirectly helped me to become a happier person.

In conclusion, volunteering has changed me to become a passionate and thankful young adult. 
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