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Why do I volunteer?

When I first heard about VT Seva and how I can earn volunteer hours by participating in events from this organization, I immediately volunteered in one of their events. The first event I participated in was vegetable picking during the scorching summer of 2018. During the day of the event, I was astonished by the great number of volunteers that came to volunteer. I also noticed that there were a lot of adults volunteering and that got me surprised as I was thinking that most of the volunteers would be high schoolers

looking for volunteer hours. After leaving the event, I understood that maybe people didn’t volunteer for personal gain such as volunteer hours, but volunteered to give back to the community and the people came together to serve the community under VT Seva. Additionally, I really liked volunteering with friends in events because VT Seva brought us together to spend time helping the community while having fun. I have had many great experiences from VT Seva and this organization has put awareness into me and taught me many things as I continued volunteering.

One such example is when I volunteered at a concert by music schools and dance schools hosted by VT Seva. I was responsible to raise awareness at the concert about School for Visually Challenged in India, their various accomplishments in academics and sports.

Me and four of my friends were able to raise $ 300 which was contributed towards the cause. From participating in VT Seva’s events, I earned something more valuable than the volunteer hours, I gained the honor of serving my community and making it a better place to live!

- Nisval Patel, Parsippany

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