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Youth Volunteers' Support for COVID-19 victims in India

Four youth volunteers from Dallas learnt about the hardships people are going through in India during COVID-19 second wave and extend their support for the relief aid.

Lets learn in their own words:

We, Krishna Charugundla (7th grade), Samanvita Meka (7th grade), Devayani Nagabhushan (7th grade), and Ram Bonthala (9th grade) live in Frisco and Plano, Texas. We have worked together and formed a bake sale to raise money for VT SEVA. We worked for one week and were able to donate $ 1000+. The cause of this bake sale was to raise money for the families that have been struck with the 2nd wave of Covid-19 and have been struggling and didn’t have the money to finance their treatment and other basic needs.

How We Did It ?

To do the bake sale we had to prepare a flyer explaining our cause, what we are selling, and our delivering date. We prepared an Excel sheet for taking orders. That night we took these items and went from door to door asking people to support us by purchasing our baked goods. This was repeated for the next two days (~50 times). Once finished we were finally able to start baking! We made lots and lots of batter and icing, after two days we started building an excessive amount of boxes and finished this step by packing the cupcakes and icing them. The next day we went out in the scorching hot sun to deliver a few and then the dripping rain! Finally, we came home knowing that in the past week we did something helpful to society!

Why We Did It ?

Helping others is something that makes people happy, and aiding people through a bake sale is what made us happy. All the steps to earn our money brought us all closer together. With the money we earned we are able to donate it to kids and their families who have been affected by the Covid - 19 second wave in India. By doing this we knew that we would be giving back to those in need, and this made us feel good. Our motivation for this act was to help people that needed support, and to help others to get back to living a healthy lifestyle. The whole process was something that taught each of us to give back to the community. The whole bake sale had lots of positives like serving the community, and growing closer!


All in all, this entire experience was so fun as we were able to volunteer for such a noble cause. The people that we met and the entire process was very enjoyable. Though the scorching sun and pouring rain was not very fun to put up against, we had to make sacrifices for the greater good. At one point, when we were delivering cupcakes, a lawn mower working in our neighborhood curiously came up to us and asked what we were selling. After we told him our cause and purpose of the bake sale, he bought a few cupcakes. The worker's curiosity and eagerness to help made us realize that we have to work together to fight this pandemic. Thank you to VT SEVA for bringing together today's youth to work together to help people struggling back in India and for this wonderful opportunity to put together this fun bake sale.

Lemonade Stand:

Taking their siblings as an inspiration, the little siblings Dhanwin, Tulsai and Abhiram wanted to do something to help India fighting COVID-19 second wave. They conducted a neighborhood lemonade sale and were able to raise $ 150 which they wanted to donate towards COVID-19 Relief Aid as well. They offered four varieties of lemonade which was appreciated and supported by the neighbors in the community.

Learn more about VT Seva's ongoing relief aid activities - at and join us in supporting the activities.

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