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Atlanta Halloween Candy Drive

VT Seva Atlanta youths did a special Halloween candy drive project this year to render a gift of gratitude to the US troops on the borders. VT Seva youths carried Halloween flyer printouts for Trick & Treating. They represented themselves as VT Seva Ambassadors and informed everyone that they are collecting candies for the cause - Donating it to the US troops on the borders who keep our nation safe. VT Seva youths have collected more than 1000 lbs of Candy which we donated to the Cumming Dental Dentist. Cummings Dental will ship all the candies to the US troops on the border. It’s a great way to share things & spread the holiday cheers with the US troops. Cumming Dental has donated $1000 which we donated to the blind / visually challenged kids of Nethra Vidyalaya in India.

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