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COVID-19 Relief: VT Seva Atlanta Gets the Gear Going

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spread, the safety of doctors, nurses and frontline workers has been jeopardized due to shortage of face masks and PPE at several hospitals. They are demonstrating highest sense of heroism in coming forward to support in times of need. They needed masks and other PPE to be protected from the COVID-19 infection. As VT Seva Atlanta team joined the nation wide relief aid campaign, also worked with local hospitals to make cotton masks as per the Hospitals requirements and drop them at the local hospitals. The project was lead by Ms. Madhu Nemami.

Moved by the urgent need for face masks, Ms. Sreeja, a 9th grade student at Wheeler Magnet High School took up to stitching cotton face masks. Sreeja has spent her spring break on this project spending 21/2 hrs in making one mask. She has made 29 masks spending 70 hours of her three weeks time on this project. Sreeja and her family are active volunteers and supporters of VT Seva.

VT Seva Atlanta contributed to feeding 530 meals through Meals by Grace, providing 150 face masks in highly impacted cities and 116 free meals to migrant workers in India through our sister organization Vikasa Tarangini.

VT Seva USA supported with 100,000 free meals to children and low income families through 22 food banks across US, 17,000 N-95 face masks to various hospitals across USA, and provided 30,000 free meals to migrant workers stranded in India due to COVID-19 lock-down. More info

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