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Ford CEO Visited VT Seva Detroit 2021 Soccer Tournament

Updated: Jun 18, 2023


We had a very successful 1st VT Seva Detroit Soccer Tournament back in 2019. But 2020 proved to be a real disappointment with the extended hiatus.

Nevertheless, it was time to dust off the cleats and get onto the field once again in 2021!!

VT Seva Detroit organized a boarded indoor fundraising soccer tournament at Total Sports Novi (East), MI on July 18th 2021 to benefit the blind and visually challenged children in India.

Like past years we had 3 different groups:

- Group 1: 6 to 9 years’ old

- Group 2: 10 to 13 years’ old

- Group 3: 14 and above

We had around 40 registrants until a week before the event and the organizing team was still struggling to make up teams. Then in the last week, we had 2 Adult teams registering and several more eagerly registered to complete 67 registrations in total.

During the run-up to the event, VT Seva Detroit Team members were ‘all guns blazing’ in all departments. To list a few:

Promotions – Our Youth & Adult Volunteers did an amazing job in promoting the event. Apart from reaching out to the past participants via email, phone, and voicemails and new participants via distribution list and MIindia, we had several outreach sessions at Total Sports Novi, Vani Foods, India Grocers, Sai Grocers – Farmington and Novi and also pasted Flyers at different important locations throughout.

You can view more pictures from the Event Promotions here:

Volunteers who participated in the promotion events:

Event SponsorsSudhakar ji, our own VT Seva Senior Adviser/Mentor & Vidhya ji of Vani Foods were so kind enough to Sponsor the Venue, Medals and Trophies.

Sudhakar ji has always blessed our VT Seva Detroit team with their constant support & encouragement by physically volunteering in-person & financially Sponsoring several events regularly throughout the years.

Vijitha ji of Vani Foods came forward to Sponsor after listening to the great cause this event was being conducted for. She also graciously offered us her Storefront Parking Lot for any future VT Seva Events. Thank you so much Vijitha ji!

Venue - Total Sports – It would be an injustice if we don’t mention Bryan Bartig, Total Sports Facilities Manager, and his associate Michelle. They were simply amazing and without their help and support, it would not have been possible. Right from when we decided to go for our 1st in-person sports event after the long break, Bryan and the team were so appreciative of the cause and promised to go all the way to help us organize this. The earlier managers were no longer working at TS hence we had to work with the new team all over again. They not only subsidized the Venue fees for us but went above & beyond to help us so easily organize the logistics.

Food Sponsors/Coordinators – What more could have one asked for during the break time at the Food Stall with mouth-watering delicacies: - Mint Rice, BisibelaBath, Chocolate Cake, Samosas, Pizzas, Mango Lassi, Masala Chai, Ice Cream, etc. beckoned the participants, visitors and volunteers to have lunch, snack & dessert at a very nominal price. Thank you so much to Nandhini ji, Asha ji, Veena ji, Jyoti ji, Vanitha ji & all the food stall volunteers who provided us with amazing food and beverages. All the proceeds from the food stall also went to Nethra Vidyalaya Schools.

Event Volunteers - We had over 35 Youth & Adult Volunteers working enthusiastically in different departments during the event. Right from the setting up of desks & chairs for check-in, arranging the food items, coolers, putting up banners, Café price tags, setting up soccer cones/nets for the younger kid’s games, ensuring the players are on the right teams, Photography and clean up.

Referees - Our in-house referees Darshan ji and Abhinav are the coolest!! We can always depend on them to referee the games every year and they both oblige us without even a second thought. Special thank you to both of you!

Teams & Winners – We had an amazing Game Roster and Schedule this year with several first time youth players, two new High School Teams, and two new Adult League Teams from Utica.

Group 1 (6 to 9 years’ old): Had 10 players that were placed in 2 different teams Yellow & Green to verse against each other in there 10 min. games. The kids had super fun time playing and scoring against each other in a friendly competitive kids Soccer game.

Group 2 (10 to 13 years’ old): Twelve players were matched up against each other depending on their different skill levels in Red vs Blue teams. Superb demonstration of soccer skills amongst the players made up for an interesting three 15 min. sections of the game.

All players from Group 1 & 2 received Medals and Trophies for their fantastic performance on the field.

Group 3 (14 and above): The second half of the day became more intense with the Group 3 games.

2 Adults team, 2 High School Teams and 2 League Teams faced off against each other in the group matches. All the games were high energy games with friendly competition between each other.

Final: OHWTF #1 Vs. OHWTF#2

Winners were OHWTF #2

Special Mention – We had one energetic person who stood out and acted as an inspiration to forming All Women Soccer team for next year’s event. It was none other than Zahara ji. She was the only Adult Female Player who took part in the Soccer Games and what an amazing Defender she was!!!

Special Surprise Guest – We had a super surprise special Guest during our 2nd Soccer Event. It was none other than Ford Motors CEO – Mr. Jim Farley, who happened to be there. He was gracious enough to talk to us regarding our Organization, Cause and the Event. He congratulated all of us and gave a Photo opportunity as well!!

Guest of Honor – Our guest of honor Sudhakar ji, was kind enough to stay for the entire event and present the Trophies and Medals to the participants. He has always been our mentor, core volunteer and key adviser for all the events.

Treasurer, National Secretary & Detroit Director – Our driving force have always been Anand ji, Sudheer ji and Srinath ji who have become the three pillars of VT Seva Detroit branch without whom any event will not be a success and so was Soccer. Right from idea initiation to clean-up and wrap-up, these three individuals have been a constant force of strength and support. WAY TO GO & THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Volunteering Coordinator/Game & Event Coordinators – Vanitha - Volunteering coordinator & Venkat & Suresh - Game & Event Coordinators – like in 2019, the coordinators met frequently during the run-up to the event, burnt the mid-night oil, extreme planning and execution till the end.

Detroit Communications – Nandini, for her support in publishing content provided by event leads in all our Social media channels ( Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, VTSworld Blogs, and Event logs) from start to the completion of the event.

In the end, it turned out to be a fruitful success for the hours of preparation that was put in.


*** All COVID-19 protocols were in place as per MDHHS & the venue's rules & regulations during the event. ***

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