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Forging Change - Hidden Titans of India's Impact

In honor of India's 76th Independence Day, the VT Seva Seattle Chapter launched a campaign to raise awareness and spotlight India's unsung heroes - ordinary individuals who consistently create a positive impact. Seattle's youth chose an inspiring unsung hero, conducted research, and skillfully crafted informative infographics to share their remarkable story and promote awareness about this inspirational figure.

Here are the inspirational, informative and beautiful infographics

The Forest Man of India by Sathkrith Segu

The First Woman of Indian Origin in Space by Laya Dhilip

A Social Worker And Activist by Smaran Malkampalli

A Children's Civil Rights Activist by Ujwala Mattupalli

Inspiring Change Through Technology, Literature and Compassion by Hasmitha Uppalapati

A Service Woman of India by Akshaya Alluri

Indian Social Activist by Vibha Veluturi

From Selling Oranges to Fruits of Wisdom by Pranav Sandadi

Inspiring Change through Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana by Akshara Kolli

He who appears to eradicate the hardships of the suffering humanity by Yashita Tanwar

In a world where everyday heroes often go unnoticed, the VT Seva Seattle Chapter's campaign serves as a reminder that their stories deserve to be heard, celebrated, and shared. Let us all draw inspiration from these unsung heroes and work towards making the world a better place, one positive influence at a time.

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