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Project Story Time

Project Storytime is an initiative taken to spread morally valuable and entertaining stories and make them easily accessible for our community, especially the youth. The idea is that people can suggest, record, or write their own stories and share them with us, which we will then group and filter. We will then make our collection available to everyone, which will have stories in different languages and from different cultures. This project, once it becomes widespread, will be able to help a lot of people, starting with those recording the stories (increases confidence and encourages creativity) and those listening to the stories (positively impacted by the good messages our stories send while having fun).

There are many different roles that everyone can take part of in this project, sending us your own stories being the most fruitful and easiest way to contribute! We will also be recording sample stories and ones written by others, advertising our project, filtering the stories, compiling them into one easily-accessible place, reaching out to others to guide them through the process, and many more!

Please reach out to with your story ideas or if you would like to volunteer to lend your voice! Thank you!

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