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Kudos to VT Seva Boston Volunteers !!

Compassionate selfless volunteers across Massachusetts came together to support COVID-19 Relief aid by making face masks, gowns and caps for front-line heroes at various Medical facilities, Rehabilitation centers and senior centers.

All these adult volunteers were full-time working members who used their evening and weekends to do this task. What an effort by the volunteers whose Motto was Service.

Alone, we can do so Little; Together we can do so much – Helen Keller

Together they have been able to successfully make
  • Masks # 1890

  • Caps # 185

  • Gowns # 40

We would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers for their efforts. Here is a quick snapshot of all the wonderful volunteers.

Join us to help more, we are dependent on donations by kind heart-ed donors like you. 100% of contributions directly go the causes.

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