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Nethra Students win at Braille Competitions

Updated: Jun 23

On the occasion of Children’s Day November 14th in India , LV Prasad Eye Hospital conducted a Braille reading and Braille Writing Competition for Visually Challenged students.

VT Seva Supported Nethravidyalaya (School for Visually Challenged) children bagged the following prizes:

Winners :

Braille Writing – 1. Bangari Naidu -10th Grade 2. Kamala -9th Grade 3. Anil – 9th Grade

Braille Reading – 1. Eswara Rao – 10th Grade 2. Bangari Naidu – 10th Grade 3. Kamala – 9th Grade

Congratulations to all these students and Thanks VT Seva Volunteers and Donors for continuous support for enabling us such accomplishments.

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