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Nethra Students win at Braille Competitions

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

On the occasion of Children’s Day November 14th in India , LV Prasad Eye Hospital conducted a Braille reading and Braille Writing Competition for Visually Challenged students.

VT Seva Supported Nethravidyalaya (School for Visually Challenged) children bagged the following prizes:

Winners :

Braille Writing – 1. Bangari Naidu -10th Grade 2. Kamala -9th Grade 3. Anil – 9th Grade

Braille Reading – 1. Eswara Rao – 10th Grade 2. Bangari Naidu – 10th Grade 3. Kamala – 9th Grade

Congratulations to all these students and Thanks VT Seva Volunteers and Donors for continuous support for enabling us such accomplishments.

Want to join in supporting the Schools for Visually Challenged?

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