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Atlanta - Police Appreciation & PVSA Award Ceremony

Where and When:

Johns Creek City Council Building

May 20th 2023

Time : 1:00 - 3:00PM EST

Event Agenda:

  • Welcome

  • Tour of the Facility

  • Interaction with the City Council Leaders & Police Officers

  • PVSA Certificate Distribution

  • Vote of Thanks

Our 2023 PVSA Event

VT Seva Atlanta celebrates National Police Week & pay tribute to the brave men & women in duty to keep our communities and families safe. Police Chief, Mark Mitchell, Sergeant Dimitri Caldwell, Sergeant Colin Belisle, Officer Dominique, Officer Jennis, Officer Hall, and Officer Gray attended the ceremony today. Also, Erin Elwood and Dilip Tunki, Johns Creek City Councilwoman and Councilman attended the function. They rendered PVSA Awards to our 37 Atlanta youths and were highly impressed with the service attitude & service projects of Atlanta VT Seva youths. We have built partnerships with the Johns Creek Police department and Johns Creek City Council members and soon will be launching collaborative projects with them.

Atlanta VT Seva held PVSA Award Ceremony and Police appreciation event along with City council meet at Johns Creek City Council building on May 20, 2023. Dr. Madhu Nemani delivered the welcome note, appreciating the youths, police officers, volunteers and went over the initiative and projects done by the Atlanta youths. A beautiful and well-prepared video by our youth Nikhila was played to the audience which showcased all the great work out Atlanta youth has done during the year. All the Cards prepared by our youths for the police officers were also on display at the event. Council members, Police Sergeant and Dr. Madhu Nemani discussed some projects that will provide an opportunity for our youths to do more for the community.

Further, Sergeant Dimitri Police gave the tour of gave a tour of Johns Creek Police Department and youths had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Johns Creek police department. It was also discussed to provide an opportunity for the other youths to have such tours to gain insight into the police officers day to day work.

The event was concluded by thanking all the Police officers, city council members and volunteers for taking their valuable time out of their busy schedule to be present and making the event successful. Police officers were provided with Yummy Pizza and refreshments as a token of appreciation for their dedication and commitment in serving the community.

We are very proud of 37 youths and 1 adult volunteer who were recognized for their contribution in serving the community during the year 2022 with Gold, Silver and Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. These awards were presented by the Police officers and Council members and each awardee also received a water bottle from the Police officers.


Our 2022 PVSA Event

VT Seva Atlanta was proud to organize a ‘Police Appreciation cum Award Ceremony’ at City Hall on May 12th, 2022, at Johns Creek City Hall. This event was organized in collaboration with Johns Creek Police Department (JCPD). During this event, our VT youths of Atlanta were graced with the presence of Sergeant Seymour and Officer Wear, as well as several other police officials that night, allowing our students to directly thank their heroes with homemade cards during the National Police Appreciation Week. The program started with a Welcome Note by Dr. Madhu Nemani, VT SEVA Atlanta Director and later a video was played exhibiting and highlighting the initiatives and activities performed by VT SEVA youths in year 2021 & 2022 which comprises of Mask Making for the Special Needs Kids of the Laurel Heights Hospital, Eco-friendly April Cool Seedling project, Feed the Needy though Meals By Grace program, and serving the underprivileged by participating in American Kidney Services and American Heart Walk, VT SEVA Youth Club in Lambert Highschool, Summer Camp program, Card Making for Nethra School Kids and SUBHA Annual Event. All the police officers were fascinated at the hard work, dedication, and diligence shown by the youths and adults of VT Seva Atlanta.

U.S. Peace Officers Memorial Day falls on May 15 each year to pay tribute to the brave local, state, and federal peace officers who have died or been disabled in the line of duty. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. Our police appreciation event was organized on May 12th which is during the National police appreciation week. Our VT youths gave ‘Thank You’ cards to the police heroes for appreciating their hard work in protecting our communities 24/7.

In addition to this, 33 youths and 2 adult volunteers were recognized for their great service to the community in year 2021 with Gold and Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Awards, which were presented to the nominees by Sergeant Seymour and Office Wear of Johns Creek police department. There were 35 Presidential Awardees which are listed below: Abhinav Adigopula, Abhiram Chilakamari, Abhiram Nalla, Adithya Karthik Upadhyayula, Aditya Thatavarty, Akshaj Nalla, Ameya Agnihotri, Anshi Rudraraju, Charishma Bijum, Dharanija Peram, Jayaditya Abbireddy, Naimisha Kodali, Nikhila Mannepalli, Omkar Konkimalla, Pranuti Kothapalli, Pranav Arkatala, Pranav Mocherla, Pranav Vempati, Rikhil Sai Duvvuri, Rishi Narendran, Rishi Vempati, Ritika Vemulapalli, Samved Gazzala, Shivangi Panda, Shreyas Medicherla, Shriya Yadavalli, Siri Arkatala, Sreeja Sappati, Srimayi Kukkadapu, Srivanth Magham, Sriya Gourisetti, Sujay Reddy, Trisha Vemulapalli, Dr, Madhu Nemani and Madhavi Kodali

The students were honored by all the JCPD members present and thanked for their service to the community. Later, a tour was given of Johns Creek Police Headquarters and youths had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Johns Creek police department. At the end of the event, VT Seva Atlanta thanked police officers and provided wonderful dinner as a token of appreciation of their hard work and service to the community.

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