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RAAS 2021, VT Seva Detroit 6th Annual Cultural Event

VT Seva Detroit successfully celebrated the 6th Annual Cultural Event RAAS-2021 on October 30th, 2021. RAAS is our Annual Celebration event, culminating a great year of various fundraising activities and volunteering service to the community.

Some of the key highlights of the event:

  • Raised funds for 253 Blind and Tribal students’ education

  • 300+ people attended

  • Sumptuous Dinner with Mesmerizing Entertainment

  • Special Thanks to Hon. Senator Jim Runestad for reading out the historic resolution of Deewali festival recognition in the state of Michigan from the stage of VT Seva Detroit RAAS on an auspicious Thirunakshatram day of H.H. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami ji.

H.H. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami ji Artwork by VT Seva Detroit member Shreya Srivatsan.

Shreya's artwork was auctioned to benefit Tribal Student's education

A memorable evening with marvelous Entertainment & Sumptuous Dinner

VT Seva Detroit board acknowledged the year-long hard work of our dedicated volunteers and kind donors with an evening of music, dance, skits, food, fun, and celebration.

Dhol Tasha & Team welcomed all the guests with their spectacular and roaring drumbeats.

With her melodious voice, Ananya started the evening with the American & Indian National Anthem, followed by Prayer by Prajna kids.

Motivational & Inspirational Speeches from Hon. Jim Runestad (State Senate of the 15th district), Hon. Padma Kuppa (Member of the Michigan House of Representatives) & Mr. Cory Joyrich (Director of Major Gifts and Corporate Partnerships)

Eight Detroit Youth Board (YB) members did an excellent job as Emcees and started the evening with an upbeat Bollywood dance. Then, they entertained the crowd with a surprise mob dance. This group brought a positive and energetic vibe on the stage and kept the crowd engaged throughout the evening.

  • Harish & Sanjana quoted testimonials from Nethra Vidyalaya and the tribal schools.

  • Oviya, Hiba, Kaavya & Saisha scripted and played a script about pillars of VTSeva (Education for Visually Challenged, Education for Tribal Students, Cancer Screening Camps, Disaster Recovery, Youth Empowerment).

VT Seva Detroit Youthboard Activities

Priya Jaisankar (VTSeva Detroit YB Director) delivered a speech about the progress of the VT Seva Detroit Youth Board. They had a fantastic year in 2021. Some of their key accomplishments:

  • 18 events

  • 3 Fundraising events

  • The first-ever Chess camp (conducted by YB member Tarun).

  • The first-ever Walkathon (proceeds were given to Angel of Hope, MI, and Covid relief activities in India)

  • 28 YB members raised money for 28 Nethra Vidyalaya students through Student - 4 - Student Outreach Project.

  • 8 YB members received PVSA awards

  • Gold: Harish, Oviya, Risha, and Saisha,

  • Silver: Shreya

  • Bronze: Abhinav S, Hrudya, and Aishani.

  • YB members had a terrific opportunity to lead and participate in the community services and enhance their writing skills by writing blogs and showing their creativity in their videos about the events.

VT Seva Detroit Volunteering Activities

Vanitha Gopalan (National YB Director and Detroit volunteering coordinator) and three YB team members Sai Sahasra, Rohan Patil, Sidharth presented statistics on VT Seva Detroit volunteering and fundraising activities on the RAAS stage.

For more information, please review the below PDF presentation.

Download PDF • 5.53MB

Registration Desk

The registration team did an excellent job welcoming the guests.

Bighearted local restaurants sponsored delicious food. The Volunteers packed and served the food.

Rocking Dance performances:

We had a gala of professional teams and local talent that rocked the stage from classical to Bollywood.

  • Nrithyala School of Dance Team

  • Emcee Dance Team

  • Smrithi Dance Team

  • Mathangi Dance Team

  • Usha Dance Team

Melodious Singing Performances:

Both professional and our local talent mesmerized the audience.

  • Kalyani Ji Team (Swaralapana Team - Medley)

  • Suresh Ji, Aravind Ji and Ratna Giri Ji

  • Sandeep Ji

  • Pleasant Flute Performance by Kids

VTSeva Detroit Thanks to all the Sponsors and Volunteers for their services.

Roaring Dhol Tasha & Team: Pranav Ji, Sathish Ji & Team

Singing Performances: Swaralapana (Kalyani Ji Team) - Medley

Dance performances: Nrithyala School of Dance, Smrithi Dance, Mathangi Dance, Usha Dance

Impressive Stage and Lobby Decoration: RAAS Clicks, Subha Ji & Ram Ji

Excellent Cinematic Videography & Facebook Live: Vathsal Ji & Team

Beautiful Pics: Anoop Ji

Rocking D.J. Services: Srinivasa Raju Ji & his son Teja (Lucky)

Media Sponsor - MI India

Delicious Food by local Restaurants.

Our Dedicated Volunteers

Special Thanks to our Detroit Director Srinath Karnati ji for his dedication and leadership throughout the year.

Special Thanks to Sudhakar ji, Sudheerji, Srinath ji, Narsaraj ji, Zahara ji, Swapna ji, Lathaji, Anand ji, Priya ji, Jaisankar ji, Vanitha Ji, Suresh ji, Nandini ji, Sreenivas ji, Jyothi ji, Asha ji, Srivardhan ji, Keerthi ji, Raghunathan ji, Akshay ji, Srikanth ji, Vamshi ji, Ramya ji, Nivedhita ji, Pavan ji and many more Volunteers.

Our Dedicated Youth Volunteers

Aditya, Pranav, Jishnu, Nikhil, Surya, Yug, Abhinav, Harish, Oviya, Hiba, Kavya, Sai, Saisha, Sai Sahasra, Sidharth, Anirudh, Veeksha, Vasudeva, Abhisrishti, Hrudya, Teja, Arya, Varnik, Shivani, Aditi

This was one of the best events we ever had. Thanks to all Event Sponsors, Donors, Supporters, and Volunteers who helped this event make it a big success.

Thanks to all the unsung supporters for this great cause. It would not have been possible to pull off such a HUGE event without your constant support and help.

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