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Showing Gratitude this Mother’s Day

By Shraddha Potti, Grade 10

Cardinal Mermillod once said, “A mother is she who can take the place of all other but whose place no one else can take.” As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminded of their importance in our family and in society as a whole. Through this pandemic, it has been the mothers who have worked tirelessly to take care of the family and create harmony among all. The contribution of these mothers has not been overlooked by VT Seva; on the contrary, VT Seva has facilitated many projects to assist and care for the women of our world.

A Mobile Diagnostic bus sponsored by VT Seva traveled door to door, administering health checks to the rural women of India. In this way, VT Seva extended its reach to countless numbers of mothers and sisters. It raised awareness for diseases such as cancer, and assisted in pre-screening for cervical and breast cancer. The bus contained the machinery needed to run these specific tests.

In addition, the Detroit Youth Board has initiated a project to create cards of gratitude for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Countless volunteers have worked to participate in this uplifting event and are spreading joy and creativity through their artwork. These cards will be distributed to senior citizens, who will surely appreciate the heartfelt messages and artwork that VT Seva youth have created.

VTSeva has always been committed to serving the community through health-related activities. This month, we recognize VTSeva’s contribution to women’s health through the initiation of programs for awareness and the operation of numerous testing facilities. Through VTSeva’s efforts, women all over the world are destined for bright, healthy futures, and will continue spreading the initiative to their communities.

This Mother’s Day, we encourage you to show gratitude to your mother for everything she has contributed throughout her life. "To the world, you are a mother. To your family, you are the world."

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