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Ms. M.Umabharathi is one of the only 12 students selected in prestigious IISER Tirupathi.

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

VT Seva is proud to announce that Ms. M. UMABHARATHI (2016-17 SSC Batch) Student of VT Seva Supported School for Tribal Children (JEEYAR GURUKULAM - Allampalli) has selected to prestigious IISER - INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH at TIRUPATHI. She is the daughter of Smn. Mallesh- Smt. Parvathi native of Mesalabhoomanna Gudem, Kadam Mandal, Nirmal Dist, TS.

Only 12 seats allotted for total Telangana State. Out of 12, she is the only tribal student who selected for IISER

from NIRMAL region.

She finished her education from Nursery to 10th grade in JEEYAR GURUKULAM-Allampalli, which is established by VT Seva CEO HH CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI in 2004. Let's all congratulate and wish her the best of luck.

To know more about the VT Seva supported Schools for Tribal Kids and Schools for Blind Kids please visit

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