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Virtual Dancing Classes by VT Seva Seattle !!

VT Seva Seattle Youth team conducted several virtual classes during this pandemic. They worked to in ensuring that all family members are engaged and entertained during the stay-at-home orders. One of the classes was virtual dance lessons.

Every Saturday, volunteers from Seattle’s youth board would choreograph and virtually teach portions of a song to people of all ages. With classes being virtual, our program was able to attract participants from across the nation, including states like Washington, California, Georgia, and many more.

By offering an opportunity to engage with others virtually, VT Seva gained the attention of many participants ( Parents and Kids ) for their unique approach and their estimable efforts. As a result, VT Seva gained many new youth and adult volunteers eager to support our organization's mission.

Thank you to all of those that participated in the Dance With Us program. We hope that you are all doing well and staying safe.

Thank you,

Esha Bantwal

VT Seva Seattle

Hello everyone! My name is Esha Bantwal and I have been on VT Seva’s youth board for two years and have been a volunteer for several more. I have also been a part of VT Seva’s unique summer internship opportunity in which groups of young volunteers get to visit the Indian remote villages that VT Seva supports. Our purpose was to teach the children there English and instead we learned a lot more lessons about life!

My involvement with VT Seva started because of my visits to India. Unfortunately, there are pockets of the population that do not get the necessities they should have. Seeing these people and the circumstances they live in for years on end pushed me to make a change. And, I decided to start small by joining VT Seva. VT Seva’s unique mission and my own desire to help those in need worldwide attracted me to this organization. It is not only Indian underprivileged and visually-challenged children that VT Seva supports, but also people (of all ages and ethnicities) suffering from natural disasters, diseases (e.g. breast cancer), and poverty. Through VT Seva I have had wonderful opportunities to serve my community; one of them being through dance. Dance has been something I’ve invested my time into since I was seven years old. It’s something I enjoy doing and has become a part of my routine. That being said, I’m very happy that I got to be a part of Dance with Us alongside Aditi, another youth board volunteer, to teach and engage others through dance. In addition to dance and other activities, volunteering has become a part of my routine. And, the fact that many young dancers who joined this summer’s virtual dance program are eager to do the same makes it all the better. Young leaders are always welcome at VT Seva and I hope to see more of you all joining soon!

Few glimpses of the classes are below

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