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VT Seva Atlanta donates 12000+ masks to Special Needs Children

As a team, the young volunteers of VT Seva have implemented numerous successful projects that have benefited underprivileged kids in India and worldwide. During this stressful pandemic, VT Seva Atlanta wanted to come out with a project to contribute to society, especially during a time when lockdown prevented us from not being able to help in person. This project was led by Dr. Madhulika Nemani to produce masks for special needs kids at Laurel Heights Hospital. Numerous volunteers spent countless hours cutting, sewing and stitching to create quality masks for the hospital’s children. With every hour that went by, every stitch that was sewn in, we never once failed to consider and wish for the wellbeing of children no matter what their situation was. We created masks that had a vibrant assortment of colors and designs so that the kids’ would cherish them and enjoy wearing them.

We utilized 100% cotton material for skin comfort and used the templates provided by the hospital. All sizes of masks were created - small, medium, and large - to cater to the needs of every kid or adult. In addition, these masks are washable and reusable, which would prevent trash and waste.

In 2021, VT Seva delivered 10,000 masks, and in 2022, we will be delivering 2000 masks at the end of March. This project has truly come a long way as it not only allowed the safety of all people during this chaotic pandemic but also put a smile on the faces of the precious children and hospital staff. From this experience, we have all learned valuable lessons of our own as well. We have been invited to several events at Laurel Heights Hospital for receiving appreciation for our work throughout the past 2 to 3 years.

The CEO of Laurel Heights Hospital, Corey Jackson, acknowledged our contribution to his hospital and community during several events we were invited to at the hospital. In 2021, “Thanks for giving our kids masks, this has been a great partnership for the last year end half. I will look forward to happening again in the years to come. On behalf of Laurel Heights and the staff, myself, I just want to say thanks a lot. We are truly grateful!”

Recently, in 2022, “Once again you guys have done it again, We greatly appreciate your effort, Your work and dedication to ensure Laurel Heights for being able to stay safe. As you know we are in the uptake around the community and these masks come in around the right time at the beginning of this so we can be really prepared. I have to ensure that we remain safe and we remain Covid free, And also thank you guys for the great community service that you provide towards the community. As always thank you, continue the great work. I will look forward to seeing you guys here soon.”

We all truly appreciate the efforts and work of Mr. Corey Jackson, Dr. Smitha Battula, the main doctor of Laurel Heights Hospital, all of their other staff members, VT Seva volunteers, and of course, our very own director of VT Seva, Dr. Madhu Nemani. Nothing can measure how grateful we are for being given the opportunity to contribute for the betterment of society.

VT Seva Atlanta youths had donated 500 cotton cloth masks to the Special Needs kids of the Laurel Heights Hospital on October 30, 2022. These masks are stitched by our VT Seva Atlanta youths. The Laurel Heights staff highly appreciates our youths year round contribution and loving-caring attitude for the jewels of hospital. We have donated 6,500 masks till now in year 2022. It really helped them in minimizing flu break and Covid prevention at the hospital.

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