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VT Seva Atlanta - Bathukamma Event

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Amongst many services that VT Seva Atlanta volunteers believe that Women Health is one of the key focus area. After all, ‘When a woman is healthy and happy, her family can rise up to meet its purpose’. Thus, VT Seva team collaborated with Telangana Team on Bathukamma event on Oct 21st and launched ‘Women Empowerment’ initiative to assist our young women for physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Both teams came forward and organized Cancer awareness workshops, Walkathons, Health clinics, etc for the well-being of Atlanta women!

VT Seva booth had face painting and Henna done at the event. 45 volunteers helped the booth and helped present VT Seva to over 300 people attending the event!

VT Seva also sold plants during the event to help education for disabled kids in India. Volunteers walked around selling plants and putting out word for VT Seva.

Back at the booth plants were also being sold, face painting was offered as well, volunteers painted whatever the kids asked for. Not only was face painting offered, but also henna was offered for everyone.

Making beautiful and intricate designs was an attention grabber. The proceeds were also donated for a cause. In all this was an empowering event for VT Seva and the cause!

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