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VT Seva Atlanta - Books for Africa

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Dec 9th 2023

Atlanta VT Seva youths feel joy in sharing their books for their friends in Africa and we collected more than 1500 books on Dec 9, 2023. It’s a great eco-friendly project to re-use and recycle books to save on paper and also spread literacy in Africa. In 2023, Books For Africa shipped approximately 4,029,000 books, valued at over $32.6 million, to 32 African countries, the most books ever shipped by Books For Africa in a single year. We are very fortunate that VT Seva Atlanta has shipped 5,000 books in 2023 by conducting 3 book drives in a year and were able to do small contribution to spread literacy in Africa!

There is a saying by Dr. Seuss, ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go’, and we hope that our books will empower African children with knowledge and create pathways to accomplish their dreams. ‘Books For Africa’ is a simple project but its impact is trans­formative. It transform lives of African children and VT Seva Atlanta youths are very fortunate to be part of this positive transformation!

July 2023

More than 50+ youths participated in Books For Africa Drive today. We donated more than 1200 books for African children. It’s a kid-to-kid project - Atlanta Kids helping African kids in spreading literacy in Africa 🌍. Mehar lead this Books for Africa drive. This is our Round 2 of Books For Africa in this year. In April, we donated 1500 books for the same. They also need school supplies like crayons, pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc. and we'll do our School Supply Drive in Nov, it will be a Thanks Giving gift from Atlanta VT youths to African youths!

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