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VT Seva Atlanta Chattahooche High School Youth Club

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

On Labor Day 2023, VT Seva 8th Youth Club in Chattahoochee Highschool was established. Another inspirational story of persistence, not to quit inspite of several rejections✌️✌️✌️

Hi all, this is Parthu Valluri, the President of VT Seva club at Chattahoochee Highschool. I'm proud to say that we have established VT Seva Youth Club in our school on Sep 1st. This club has been in the works since last year; the idea of the club was introduced to me by Madhu Aunty when I first joined VT Seva. Although it has been in the works for a while now, these last three weeks have been a series of unexpected twists and turns, as finding a proper sponsor was a huge issue. Our first two sponsors both quit immediately after submitting the application. Finding teachers only got more difficult as dozens rejected me and quickly, two weeks had flown by. It wasn't looking too good for us as time was running out. Thanks to Yoshna, one of our Vice Presidents, we managed to get a sponsor that was willing to help us last minute and thanks to him we are able to start our club!

Now we are going to get started on pitching our club to the school this coming week and work together to spread VT Seva to Chattahoochee. Community service always starts small and becomes a big and beautiful collaborative activity, exactly what VT Seva Chattahoochee aspires to become. I look forward to working with my wonderful team of officers here in order to bring value to our community and to support the cause that VT Seva has brought to the world.

- VT Seva Chattahoochee High School Team

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