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VT Seva Atlanta Desana Middle School Youth Club

Updated: Apr 7

Hello, I am Shreyas Paladi, president of Desana Middle School VT Seva club. VT Seva is an organization that helps people in need. We are happy to let you all know we have just started this club! It started by talking to my teacher like I do everyday in class. Then we had to collaborate between the vice principal, Madhu aunty, and Ms.Weis to make this happen, and we finally pulled through! Thanks to school authorities and VT Seva leaders Madhu Aunty and Harsh Gulati. I also want to thank our team member Samvar Jain. Now the next step is to get more people to join us and we will have great meetings and have more people help the world, it is going to be a blast.

-The Desana Middle School VT Seva club

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