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VT Seva Atlanta Knitting and Crocheting Classes

Please note:

1. This class is for complete beginners and we will be teaching the basics of each craft!

2. Knitting and Crocheting classes will begin from July 4th and ends on July 22nd.

3. There will be total 12 classes for both crafts. Separately each will be 6 classes.

4. Registration fees is $60 for both classes. Seperately knitting class fee is $40 and Crocheting class is $40. You can select any or all classes. Details for each class are given separately in this form.

5. All proceeds raised will go for food to visually challenged / blind kids of India.

6. We will create a WhatsApp group with the participants for easy communication and group will be deleted after the summer camp.

7. Each session will be 45 mins and participants will join the class through Zoom link.

8. Training is provided by well trained VT Youth.

9. For any further questions / concerns, please contact Malathi @678-772-7464/Dr. Madhu Nemani@404-819-8623.

More details about each class are below:

1. Knitting Class

Classes will be 2 times a week from July 4-22 (Tuesdays & Thursdays) from11 AM - 12 PM EST.

Students will learn the basic knit & purl stitch, how to read patterns, and basic construction. We will finish by knitting a simple purse.

Materials Needed:

Yarn (worsted weight) 2 COLORS

Knitting Needles (US 8)

Tapestry Needle

2.Crocheting Class:

Classes will be 2 times a week on zoom video call from July 4-22 with crocheting (Mondays & Wednesdays) from 11 AM - 12 PM EST.

Students will learn single/double crochet stitches, how to read patterns, basic construction, and the basics of making stuffed toys. Our goal is a hat or stuffed toy.

Materials Needed:

Yarn (worsted weight) 2 COLORS

Crochet hooks (5mm, 3.75mm, 2.25 mm)

Polyfill Polymer fill

Tapestry Needle

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