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VT Seva Austin Youth Board invites you to Beats for a Cause

Attention all Dance & Music Enthusiasts!

The Austin VT Seva youth board is conducting a virtual musical event Beats For A Cause from Aug 6th-8th to support women in local and international communities facing cancer. This event is a chance for you to showcase your talents while supporting these incredible causes:

  • The Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC), Austin

  • VTS-Bharath Women’s Health Care

  • COVID-19 Relief Aid in India.

A diagnosis of breast cancer changes one’s life in an instant. BCRC strives to empower those affected by breast cancer with personalized support and compassion to help ease the path to recovery. BCRC envisions a future where no one has to face breast cancer alone.

VT Seva has been instrumental in providing free health, cancer awareness camps, and served over 1 million women in India.

How can you help?

  1. Showcase your talents for this event and fundraise as an academy or individual participant

Music / Dance Schools & Individuals Who Would like to support by fundraising, please sign up here.

  • If you are a director and are signing up your music/dance academy, we will provide the registration form to track your students' participation. (Send us your logo) and a fundraiser campaign link you can socialize among your contacts.

  • If you are signing up as an individual participant, or would like to host a campaign to raise funds, you will be provided with a personalized fundraising link.

Individual Participants - Showcase your talents for this event

If you are an individual performer and want to participate, please register using the link below. The registration fee is $25 as an individual participant who is not fundraising.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact information in the flyer above

We thank the following Volunteers and the Music/Dance Academies for supporting this cause!


Want to join us in supporting the causes, please support by clicking the “Donate Here” button below. We thank you for your support!

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Fuel positive change with your donation – every contribution counts!

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