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VT Seva Detroit 1st Chess Camp

VT Seva Detroit conducted its first-ever Chess Camp. Youth Board member Tarun is passionate about Chess, participated in many tournaments and won them in State level competitions and is a leader in his Chess club. He wanted to help Nethra Vidyalaya kids with his passion.

Tarun conducted our 1st ever chess camp online from Aug 2nd to Aug 4th, 2021.

Tarun has his own website “”; he created the registration page on his website for this camp.

Thanks to Harish for creating a flyer for this camp.

9 students registered and learned chess curiously. They were all enjoying the class thoroughly and liked to continue learning and playing chess. This camp did create a spark in them. All 9 participants were joining the camp each day happily and explored the tools and learned the techniques.

Tarun was able to raise $365 which will help one student’s education for a year. VT Seva Detroit Youth Board thanks Tarun’s passion and contribution and would like to extend the thanks to Tarun’s mom Sowmiya & dad Rajesh also for their support from the beginning to the end of this camp.

Thanks to our Detroit Communications team (Nandini) for her support in publishing content provided by event leads in all our Social media channels ( Whatsapp, Facebook, VTSworld Blogs, and Event logs) from start to the completion of the event.

Message from camp organizer Tarun:

Hello! My name is Tarun Rajesh and I’m going to be an incoming junior at International Academy East . I held a chess camp during the summer of 2021 in order to teach some of the basic fundamentals of chess of all ages. There were approximately 10 kids and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. This camp was held for three days with interactive quizzes and puzzles and collected $365 and the collected money was donated through VT Seva to Nethravidyala schools in India. I chose Nethravidyala , specifically, because these blind children don’t have many opportunities to live a successful life. Last summer, I held a similar chess camp and displayed all the details on my website: I still remember me as a 7 year old being introduced to the game of chess. I wish I could relive those moments and see how far I have come, but I know that I wouldn’t be the man I am today without chess. Lastly, I would like to thank VT Seva during this process and I hope to impact the community in other ways as well.

Thanks, Tarun

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