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VT Seva Detroit - Police Appreciation Lunch

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives" -John.F.Kennedy

During the National Police Week May 9th through May 15th, 2021, VT Seva Detroit hosted an Appreciation lunch for Novi Police Department on May 8th, 2021, at 11.30 am

We had an opportunity to visit Novi Police Department today (May 8th, 2021) as a small team of VT Seva Detroit Volunteers to host a lunch and personally express our sincere gratitude, a thank you flyer photo frame, and a letter of appreciation to all the Officers there for their selfless services to protect our community. 🙏

We expressed our gratitude to all the Police officers who are always there for us.

We know that they are there protecting the law, and therefore, we have nothing to fear.

During our visit, we met Sgt. Manar, Sgt. Boody, Officer Woodley, and Cadet Morningstar.

They were all very cordial and kind to us, very appreciative of our efforts and all community services that we do locally and globally.

We had a great interaction with them in explaining about VT Seva, JET USA, and all the activities we do in the Detroit branch.

We would surely continue these appreciation lunches or dinner visits to them whenever possible in the future. Also, plan it as a bigger group of Adult and Youth volunteers once we get their permission and the situation is favorable to all.

( Our Adult volunteers who visited include Sudheer ji, Narsaraj ji representing JET Michigan, Srinath ji, Anand ji, and Vanitha. Due to unavoidable reason's Sudhakar ji, Priya ji, Archita ji couldn't make it)

Thank you to all the Police officers who don't give up and work day in and day out with alertness and make sure to keep the people safe in our community.


Please check out our Facebook page for more pictures and other news from VT Seva Detroit.

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